Speaking and Training

Ideas are free.  Ever wonder why they are so rare?

I see small business owners with passion and vision who struggle to find strategies for building their business.  I notice expensive marketing campaigns with limited results and overwhelmed professionals wishing they could find a new way to solve a tired problem.

I see people with passion and potential who just need ideas in order to succeed.  That’s where I come in.

I’m an idea generation consultant on a mission to transform the world. 

I bring idea generation to a variety of groups.  I inspire people to embrace innovation and creativity and see what’s possible in their situation or surroundings.  Together we transform their world with the power of millions of ideas.

My presentations generate ideas in the areas of:

·      Online Marketing / Guerilla Marketing

·      Small Business Growth Strategies

·      Leadership and Team Building

·      Creative Problem Solving

Interested in a customized keynote address or presentation for your group?  Contact me today to learn more.