A new year means another year of predictions and trends in marketing. And with the fifth annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America report made by the Content Marketing Institute, 2015 seems to be the year where content marketers will document their strategies.

Why B2B Content Marketing

Business to business Marketing (B2B) can be very crucial to an organization. Content marketing, on the other hand, involves creating relevant content that engages your target object. It helps organizations to share information and create significant conversations, as well as to acquire new prospects.

Content marketing for B2B companies is actually a challenge, mainly because some of them believe that there is nothing interesting to talk or post about their products and services. However, the trends these past few years on B2B content marketing have constantly been changing. Today, marketers consider content marketing as an important factor in their marketing efforts.

Why Documentation

In 2014, 44% of the marketers surveyed only said that they had documenting marketing strategies. In 2015, the answers in 2014 were almost the same: 35% had documented content marketing strategies, while 48% said that they had content marketing strategies, but they did not document it.

In general, B2B marketers that had document strategies proved to be more effective than those without documented ones. They are less challenged with content marketing as compared to those without written strategies, or those without any strategies at all.

Documenting a strategy and putting it on black and white considers that organizing thoughts and goals is effective at content marketing. Having a strategy guide allows them to be more guided when it comes to exerting their efforts in marketing. It also makes evaluation easier, and checking whether the campaign is effective or not.

More Content Than Before

Content production is increasing, and it will continue to increase. Whether businesses have documented strategies or not, more and more marketers are creating content for their products and services.

According to the survey, about 43% of the surveyed marketers indicated that they had more content created over the past 12 months. 27% said that they had significantly more. Thus, over 70% of B2B marketers are actually creating more content marketing this year than they were last year.

It’s also not a surprise that 92% of these marketers use social media content. Engagement of the audience on content on social media is easy to measure, and it makes it easier for the target audience to share posts.

Why It Matters

The number one challenge of marketers when it comes to creating content is creating engaging content. While having a document content marketing strategy is quite easy in theory, creating content that engages the audience and other businesses is still a challenge.

In 2015, marketers should look at studying what the audience really wants. It will help marketers to create and produce content that would be relevant and engaging. It’s now about the quality of the content, rather than the quantity of the content produced. So the next time you consider content marketing for your B2B organization, remember to document it, and know what your audience wants to read and see.