Ideas are currency in our current economy

A single idea is a potential game changer, creating a momentum shift in a business or career.  Think about the power of innovation to transform the marketplace or turn an unknown person into a household name.Be inspired - Michelle Kabele

Of course not every idea is this powerful.  Some are mediocre at best.  Others are hopelessly flawed.  And just like money on the open exchange, the value of an idea can rise and fall with circumstances in the marketplace.

So, how do you find an idea powerful enough to launch you to success?  Dust off your internal idea generator and fire it up.  Ideas are a main ingredient in the recipe for success.  You need a million or more.

Powering up your internal idea generator

I’m a natural innovator.  I find creative solutions to problems; make quick connections between people and ideas and create new ways of looking at old situations.

Here are some tips for getting your idea engine running at full speed:

  • Fuel your creativity – Read a book or play with a child. Make something with your hands or listen to music. Walk in nature or go to a sporting event.  Give your analytical mind a rest and let your creative mind have full reign.
  • Turn off your inner critic – Capture your ideas as they come without judgment. Record them all somehow and eliminate the mediocre ones later.  Putting a filter on your idea generator just slows things down.
  • Brainstorm – Grab a legal pad, white board or open mind mapping software and let the ideas just start flowing. Write everything down and look for connections or sparks.  Include other people if you can and add their ideas to the mix.
  • Gather inspiration – What inspires you? Some of us find inspiration in photos or drawings.  Others read fiction or poetry.  Maybe you find inspiration in biographies or historical accounts or nature.  Collect inspiration and use it to jump start your idea generator.

Ideas are currency, creating an opportunity for success.  And, unlike most valuable things, ideas are free.  You have the ability to generate more than enough ideas for to power your life, business and career.  So be inspired. 

What inspires you?  Share in the comments below.  I’d love to help power up your idea generator.