Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to hire an agency.

There’s a lot of information out there.  It seems like every few minutes someone publishes a blog post or article about the latest marketing trend or idea.  Opinions abound and you can overwhelm your mind just trying to keep up with the latest tips or advice.  Who has time for that?

You don’t need generic advice created by someone who knows marketing, but doesn’t know your business or your situation.  Blog posts and articles won’t help you make sense of conflicting opinions or develop a strategy to achieve your marketing goals.  You need to be educated.

Think you can outsource?  Think again.

You can hire an agency if your company is big enough and your pockets are deep enough.  They will happily set your marketing strategy and then implement it for you.  You’ll get results, but chances are you will spend a lot of money and the results will be average or lackluster.  Why?

No one knows your customer like you do.  No one knows your business the same way either.  They will do their best…if they are good…but they will struggle unless you have enough marketing knowledge to guide them.  You need to be educated.

Learn enough about marketing to create strategy for your business.

Get the knowledge you need to tell your story.  Learn to recognize good sales messages and images that match your branding and culture.  Discover the secrets of online marketing so you can engage your customers on the internet and tell your story on social media.  Be educated enough to cut through the hype and find your company’s marketing voice.

Outsource the blogging and posting.  Let someone else develop the direct mailers and brochure content.  Outsource the tactics.  But make sure you are educated so you can set your own strategy.